The Last Swashbuckler of Krypton

Mash up of the S7S logo and Superman's symbol

Chad Underkoffler created a nifty little game system called Prose Descriptive Qualities (PDQ), which he uses to power all of his published games. The most recent one is Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies (S7S) that takes the swashbuckling tropes and puts them in an interesting fantasy setting with skyships and floating islands. Chad is holding a contest in which you have to take the S7S logo and change it in some way, be it applying effects to it or doing mash ups. I chose the second because the curved S shapes in the logo reminded me of another S, the one in Superman’s shield.

s7sremix6The first image is my attempt to show you my mad (as in maddeningly poor) Photoshop skills. The second one uses a wider S7S logo that reminds me more of Superman’s. The last one I did so I could be more faithful to the effects in the Last Son of Krypton’s symbol, but I think that departs a bit too much from the contest rules and may not be too kosher. Well, the judges will decide.


Another name for this post was going to be Supermen of the 7 Stars, but since the game’s theme is swashbuckling, I went with the one above.

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