Zombietown, part 8

After a brief phone call and a fifteen-minute walk, I reached the waterfront. All around the world, these areas are reputed to be seedy. In Zombietown, that was a gross understatement. The simple fact that the streets were deserted here was proof enough.

Locating Samedi’s warehouses proved easy, since he seemed to own most of the place. I didn’t expect much security, except for some thugs. Intricate and expensive security systems attracted undue attention to your property in Zombietown, as if you were advertising that you had something so precious it required the extra security. I picked the gate’s lock in two minutes. I ran across the large, empty parking space towards the first warehouse. Light streamed from inside. I took out my gun, stole over to a window and peered inside. Four zombies sat at a table playing cards. Actually, only three were playing, the fourth was nibbling what looked suspiciously like the bones of an arm. I kicked down the door and burst in, trailing my gun on them. A good thing about Zombietown is that “warrant” and “probable cause” are just words here.

“Hands behind your heads!” I shouted.

They ignored me, as I suspected they would, and started moving my way. A gun isn’t all that frightening to a zombie. Its threat level depends on the size of your weak spot and the skill of the shooter. Unfortunately for them, I had spent seven years in an Army special ops unit, the Nightcrawlers. I fired four times, hit four heads and dropped two of them. Over fifty percent of all zombies have their brain as their weak spot. Two more shots, two upper chests pierced and one more zombie down. The heart is the weak spot of thirty percent of all zombiekind. By then, the remaining guard, a big fella, had gotten close enough to jump me. We fell down, but I used the momentum to roll and throw him. He fell a few feet away; ending the movement with his back turned to me. I had managed to keep my gun and took the opportunity to put three slugs along his backbone. He didn’t get up. That put him in the ten-percent group of zombies with spines as their weak spot.

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