Superseeds #39: Next Stop: Malkuth, part 2

Next Stop: Malkuth, part 2 é o trigésimo-nono artigo da minha coluna na RPG.netSuperseeds. Neste, eu concluo a discussão sobre a ambientação alternativa para o RPG Armageddon: The End Times.

Superseeds #38: Next Stop: Malkuth, part 1

Next Stop: Malkuth, part 1 é o trigésimo-oitavo artigo da minha coluna na RPG.netSuperseeds. Neste, eu falo sobre uma ambientação alternativa para o RPG Armageddon: The End Times.

Entrevista com C.J. Carella

Quando voltei para o Brasil, em 1999, acabei redescobrindo o WitchCraft , criado pelo C.J. Carella, um escritor que tinha estreiado fazendo o GURPS Martial Arts 3e e que depois trabalhou para a Palladium. O WitchCraft (e sua sequência, Armageddon) foi o primeiro jogo autoral do Carella — ele não só criou a ambientação como também o sistema, o Unisystem, que depois viria a ser usado no All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Buffy, Angel e Army of Darkness. Pois bem, o Unisystem substituiu o GURPS como meu sistema genérico default. Gostei tanto que resolvi promovê-lo entrevistando o Carella para a extinta revista RolePlayinG. Na verdade, acho que a entrevista foi em 1997, antes da minha ida para os EUA, quando joguei o WitchCraft pela primeira vez, porque só mencionamos a editora da primeira edição do jogo, a Myrmidon Press (a segunda edição foi lançada pela Eden Studios), e a data do e-mail é 97-05-23 11:25:37 EDT. A entrevista nunca foi publicada, mas acabei redescobrindo-a há pouco e como infelizmente o Carella não está mais no ramo de RPG, resolvi colocá-la aqui para relembrar um pouco daquela época.

What are your previous works in the RPG field?

I’ve written GURPS Martial Arts, GURPS Imperial Rome, GURPS War Against the Chtorr and GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War, for Steve Jackson Games, and about ten or so books for Palladium Books, including the Nightbane RPG, Phase World, and Rifts South America. Plus assorted articles for the Familiar, Pyramid, White Wolf Magazine and The Gamer’s Connection.

How did the Witchcraft project begin? Who is Gary Sibley?

Gary had an idea for a game focusing on witches. I ran with it, and the book was born. Gary is the publisher and main owner of Myrmidon Press.

Why Myrmidon Press? Did you take the book to other publishers before Myrmidon Press?

The Witchcraft RPG was designed for Myrmidon Press. It was my first project upon becoming a new partner in that company.

One cannot help but notice that Witchcraft has its share of errors (typos, missing information etc.). Did you or Myrmidon have to hurry in order to finish the book?

We were against a tight deadline, and I was doing most of the editing, so I bear full responsibility for any mistakes.

A comparison between Witchcraft and the World of Darkness games is likely. How do you feel about it? Do you think it can enhance or detract from the sales?

Well, the two games are part of the same genre of “contemporary dark fantasy/horror.” I’ve been a big fan of the WoD (at least until Wraith and Changeling came out), and in some ways Witchcraft is my take of the whole concept of “supernaturals among us” which appeared in such games as the WoD and Night Life. The comparison has been made by many people — some feel it doesn’t hold up against the WoD, while others call it “Mage done right.” I think there is room for both games, and that people who play in the WoD may find our books enjoyable.

Is the Unisystem an attempt at creating a generic system like Steve Jackson’s GURPS and, if so, what other genres will be explored?

Yes — I’m a big GURPS fan, and the Unisystem is my own version of a generic system (although with a more high-powered gradient). We will be covering science fiction and fantasy in future games, and eventually would like to cover all possible genres.

What are the future plans for Witchcraft?

There will be a number of supplements. One project we are preparing is a series of books usable by both Witchcraft and Armageddon (our next RPG line). The first Witchcraft supplement, Mystery Codex, will be out this summer.

What were your expectations concerning Witchcraft?

Just that it’d be a game I’d like to play — in many ways I’m a gaming fan indulging myself <grin>.

I noticed you didn’t answer the last question, about current projects. It’s no problem, I understand you must keep this things confidential etc. So, the only question I have left is about Armageddon. Can you give a general idea about the game, like setting? Also, feel free to add anything you like, this space is yours.

Oh, I just forgot to answer that question. My current projects include sequels to both Armageddon and Witchcraft, and writing a novel and perhaps a screenplay.

As to Armageddon, it is a game set in the near future. This is the time of Reckoning, when the hordes of Leviathan have risen in the East, and ancient beings of myth and legend walk the Earth once again. The Church of Revelations, which aims to subjugate all humankind, already have conquered Europe, parts of Asia and South America, and threaten the U.S. itself. Possible character types include the Gifted from Witchcraft, the Nephelim (half human, half angels), the Seraphim and Kerubim (two varieties of angels), Avatars and Inheritors (half-human, half pagan god), and the True Immortals (humans augmented by ancient Atlantean arcane sciences). The game uses the same rules as Witchcraft.

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